Vihara on the Hill

Images & words for quiet contemplation by Steph Mohan – Kalbarri Western Australia

The means to an end


Relinquish your greed;
and extinguish all craving –

the clear and still mind.

Not thirsty for more;
be happy with what you have –
contented nature.

Unjoined and alone,
walking solo in the woods –
the leaves are in hand.

Strive to do good deeds;
your diligence will pay off –
slack effort is waste.

Stay aware, heedful;

clear the jungle path ahead –

mindful of the thorns.

Concentrate your mind,
see arising and passing –
seal that leaky pipe.

Watch yourself wisely,
cross the seas with sturdy oars –
building your core strength.

Same but different;
see things as they really are –
your mouth firmly shut.

Life is short indeed;
use yours to make good headway –
for time is passing.

Words and image by Stephanie J Mohan – WA – August 2017

In June 2014, I wrote nine haiku for posting my old blog “Grevillea Corner” based on my reading of Dogen. This is a reworking of those nine.

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