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Holding pattern


Last night, I was sitting on a plane caught in a holding pattern for over an hour due to stormy weather. My body became restless as time went by and I noted how external conditions, such as unexpected delays, can easily trigger unskillful states.

Funny enough, delays can sometimes save us from far more unpleasant circumstances and conditions. Being caught in a holding pattern can be perceived as blessing or curse….or perhaps we can just see that it “just is” and relax, knowing that in this moment, right now, we are simply in the right place at the right time.

Haiku poem written on the plane:

“This holding pattern;

Wondering when we will land –

Right place and right time.

Conducive conditions


Fear and hope


With fear and hope;

The walker loses his way –

Drop your baggage now.

Misty mornings


That elusive one;

The heart free of avijja –

These misty mornings.

The long and winding road


Begin with the views

That put you on track

For that place where

Belonging requires no ownership;

Where attainment bears no pride;

Where love contains no conditions


Where your identity stays behind.

Words and photo for quiet contemplation by Stephanie J Mohan – WA – August 2017